Our Company

Leader Company

JPR Distributors is a company dedicated in domestic and international representations creating successful business partnerships. We represent manufacturers located throughout the world and for all countries in the medical field. Also we invest in the construction of projects in the same area.

Global Responsibility

Global businesses must also be global citizens. Our commitment to social responsibility works in everything we do. As a company, we have a long history of collaboration in the communities which we operate. Its our priority to sponsor spiritual education and its awareness to promote a better society.

Our Business Philosophy

Our goal is to make clever investments for our success. In the last decade, dozens of reputable companies have trusted our group to create a business relationship based in leadership and integrity. We create the value of each transaction through investments, management and alliances established on trust, shared values, and a clear focus on execution.


Our moral, values, and integrity are the base of trust with our suppliers and customers. They can have complete certainty about the way we develop each transaction. Each member of the group is ready to give the best of himself to the welfare of individuals inside and outside of the company.